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About Us

We are a dynamic duo on a mission to revolutionize the field of interpreting and translation. As seasoned interpreters, we specialize in bridging linguistic divides to facilitate understanding between individuals and cultures. 

Denys brings over four years of professional experience in computer science and IT project development to the table, infusing our team with innovative solutions and technological process. Anna, with her extensive 10-year tenure as an interpreter, contributes invaluable intercultural expertise and linguistic proficiency.

Together, we are committed to leveraging our unique skill sets to break down barriers and redefine the standards of interpretation and translation, ultimately making the world a more connected and accessible place for all.

Why Choose Us

Increase productivity

Our solution simplifies the management of invoices, clients, and accounts significantly

Access to new contracts

Gain exclusive access to our contract pool for free and connect with new clients effortlessly.

Personalised development

We support our clients and extends features based on their needs

Data security

We understand the sensitivity of the data our software handles, and we spare no effort in ensuring its safety

Ready to boost your productivity?

When you choose to work with us, you gain access to a powerful management tool designed to streamline your operations. By utilizing our services, you’ll save valuable time on administrative tasks, allowing you to concentrate solely on your core work of interpreting or translation.

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